Listen in to the webinar series as leaders in the field discuss advanced dissemination and implementation research topics and answer questions from the community.

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Fireside Chat on Implementation Science & Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP) Crossroads

April 2018
Features: Dr. Paul Jacobsen

Join us for our next Advanced Topics in Implementation Science webinar hosted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences (DCCPS) Implementation Science Team.

Since kicking off our ‘fireside chat’ format in late 2016, we have been joined via webinar by all manner of leading experts, collaborators, mid-career investigators, and colleagues from around NIH to discuss funding, training, growth in the field, global implementation science. In 2018 we are excited to welcome leaders from around DCCPS in discussion of the various research programs at the intersection of implementation science. On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 from 3:00 - 4:00pm ET, Dr. David Chambers will be joined by Dr. Paul Jacobsen, Associate Director of the Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP) within DCCPS to discuss implementation science intersections with the HDRP research portfolio. HDRP supported research seeks to understand the many factors that influence care, and how they act and interact. The knowledge generated from this research can be used to design and test interventions that will promote patient-centered, evidence-based care. Additionally, Drs. Chambers and Jacobsen will touch on where IS and HDRP staff are already building programs together, training initiatives, and future direction for collaboration.

The session will include approximately 40 minutes of discussion from our speakers and 20 minutes for engaged discussion and Q&A with the audience.

Archived Webinars

Advancing Global Implementation Science at the National Institutes of Health: Field Perspectives

November 2017
Features: Dr. Eche Ezeanolue, Dr. Donna Shelley, Dr. Elvin Geng

September 2017: Advancing Global Implementation Science at the National Institutes of Health

September 2017
Features: Dr. Rachel Sturke, Dr. Christopher Gordon, Dr. Cynthia Vinson

July 2017: A Campfire Conversation about the Sustainability of Health Interventions

July 2017
Features: Dr. James W. Dearing; Dr. Shannon Wiltsey Stirman

June 2017: Campfire Chat on Developing Your Own Program of Research in Implementation Science: Lessons from Early-Career Investigators

June 2017
Features: Dr. Katherine Stamatakis; Dr. Rachel Shelton; Dr. Simon Craddock Lee

March 2017: Fireside Chat on the Connections Between Technology and Implementation Science

March 2017
Features: Dr. Gary Bennett; Dr. Patricia Arean

February 2017: Fireside Chat on the Intersection of Public Health and Implementation Science

February 2017
Features: Dr. Karen Emmons; Dr. Lawrence Green

October 2016: Fireside Chat on the Development of Implementation Science & Future Directions

October 2016
Features: Dr. David Chambers; Dr. Russell Glasgow

February 2016: CBPR and Community Engaged Research: Facilitating Implementation Science Outcomes

February 2016
Features: Dr. Bonnie Duran; Dr. Nina Wallerstein

December 2015: Mixed Methods in Implementation Science

December 2015
Features: Dr. Larry Palinkas

January 2015: Applying Models and Frameworks to D&I Research: An Overview & Analysis

January 2015
Features: Dr. Rachel Tabak; Dr. Ted Skolarus

April 2014: Research at the NIH to Evaluate "Natural Experiments" Related to Obesity and Diabetes

April 2014
Features: Dr. Christine M. Hunter; Dr. Robin McKinnon

March 2014: Study Designs in Implementation Research: Review and Roadmap

March 2014
Features: Dr. Brian Mittman; Dr. Hendricks Brown; Dr. Lori Ducharme

November 2013: Reporting, Guidelines, Measures and Harmonization: NIH D&I Working Meeting on Measures and Reporting Follow Up

November 2013
Features: Dr. Borsika Rabin; Dr. Chris R. Carpenter; Dr. Ross C. Brownson

May 2013: How engaged are we? Measuring community engagement and partnership

May 2013
Features: Dr. Bonnie Duran; Dr. Nina Wallerstein; Dr. Russell Glasgow